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Lockton's Birth Story

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Okay I probably say this about every session I do haha but they just constantly get better and better and I may get teary eyed during every single delivery I get to be apart of its just such a beautiful special moment I feel so lucky to be apart of..

I met Gina the day I walked into her hospital room to capture these special moments of her having baby Lockton... Now I have heard many great things about her as her sister is one of my now best friends that get this I met on the side of the road haha (story for another day)... Gina and Gavin are seriously the cutest couple ever with the cutest little boys.. But let me just tell you Gina is absolutely the kindest pregnant woman in labor I have ever met.. Im a wee bit cray cray in labor... She thinks of everything she surprised her hubby with a new baby gift a bag with all his favorite treats and then she even spoiled me with a bag with pampering products like who does that? Okay I'm sure a lot of people probably do but I suck haha I swear my husbands gift to me was the baby he got me pregnant with and my gift to him is obviously my presence haha kidding but all jokes aside... Gina legit makes me wanna be a little less crazy next time I'm in the delivery room they where the absolute cutest... After sweet Lockton was born dad got to cut the umbilical cord and the most epic thing happen it shot blood all over Gina and we all just laughed... She had it all over her face and teeth as you will see in the video and it didn't phase her... Gavin face of course I was on the back side so I didn't get the original face but it did go something like this...

The faces he made through out this entire delivery where the absolute best.. and kinda made me wish I had a camera at the other end of the delivery just to capture them!!! I thought long and hard about to include Gina bloody face or not but like she said it wouldn't be his birth story with out them... I hope you all enjoy this peak into such an incredible night!!

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