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  I am TaSheena Abrams I am a wife to  the funnest, most adorable and stud muffin of a husband Patrick. He always keeps me on my toes...We have 3 beautiful kids together Rylan , Treylan, and Preslee with another little boy on the way. No I’m not going to paint this perfect picture that we are this perfect little family... I mean they are pretty perfect BUUT... sometimes I still lock myself in the bathroom and my husband still annoys me ;) I mean he is pretty perfect most the time!!
I have that corky personality I love laughing and jokes... Life is too short to always take everything so serious!!

We love to play on the rocks in our jeep or catching some rays at any beach and just spending time together all around!!

My love for photography started in 2012 when I had my first son fresh out of the N.I.C.U. I started taking pictures of him naturally then family and friends started asking me to take pictures. I took my first photography class while we lived in Vernal (we moved a lot) and I officially launched TaSheena Abrams Imagery. Then we again moved 3 more times. I would take photography classes that I could here and there. I got pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd children really fast with complications and put it all on hold. I am from Utah but relocated to Indiana in 2020.. I have put this on hold while getting my family settled and honestly its been a struggle I miss snuggling all the babies and meeting all the fun families.. I figured we won’t be moving for a while so I have revived my baby.. Although I never really have quit capturing my own moments now I'm ready to capture yours!  

Aside for my love of Photography I am also a lover of cooking, DIYing and dancing its not always pretty but hey I do it :) So watch my blog I post some of my favorite hobbies on it with some yummy recipes...
 So what makes me different?
Anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer.... Sometimes that can have scary safety concerns especially with kids and babies. 

I stay up to date on training and courses. Not just to keep you safe and looking beautiful, but most importantly I want you to have fun. I don’t want to just capture the moments you seek. I want it to be an experience for you. I want you to love your pictures... I take the time to help pose you at sessions so you are posed in a flattering way.. I cannot tell you how many times I have had my picture taken whether it be from someone professionally or someone that just took it at a gathering and my face just looks awful and I have a neck face. Don’t know what a neck face is? When your neck and face are all one with your head cocked back. Not only do you look neckless and with your head sitting on your shoulders ya also have double chins. Like come on I don't wanna print that and most certainly don't want people posting it on social media and tagging me in it haha...

I want capture those moments that will never be able to be captured again. So whether it’s a session for a Cake Smash, Birthday, Baptism, Headshots, Family Photos, Sports Team Photos, Engagement Photos, Boudoir shoots, or any other magical event I’m your girl! Let’s create some memories together and capture them forever!

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