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My name is TaSheena, photographer and owner of  TaSheena Abrams Imagery! My photography journey began with my love for capturing special moments in my own life. As I developed my skills, I discovered a love for photographing newborns and families, and have since opened TaSheena Abrams Imagery. I Had a full time studio in Utah and upon moving to Indiana and closing my studio I have been focusing primarily on my family and doing occasional shoots but am now ready to do a more.. While primarily a studio photographer, I also enjoy shooting outdoors and taking advantage of natural light to create beautiful, timeless images. I'm committed to staying current and have received extensive training in newborn safety techniques. 

I am a mother of 5 kids! Yes I need to update my own family pictures.. So I can understand the love and chaos all the kids can bring and look forward to the opportunity of capturing your special moments for you to cherish for a lifetime!

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