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 At TaSheena Abrams Imagery, we believe in creating timeless images that capture the essence of the moment Our goal is to ensure that you can look back on your photos and relive the joy and memories that they represent.

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Styling your session


Because you're not hiring me to take pictures.. you're hiring me to create art 

Like a painter carefully consider the elements of composition(balance, contrast, focus, motion, and pattern) when mixing paints for his masterpiece, we must do the same when choosing elements that go into yours.

The outfits you choose to wear to your session should reflect your style, both individually and as a family- however the colors, textures, and styles will play a huge part in the way your photos turn out!

Some outfits that look great in real life just don't photograph well or distract from you or your family. 

When you hire me, I share this comprehensive client style guide that goes into great detail about styling with all my tips and tricks..

Wardrobe & Styling



You want the colors you wear to both help you stand out and blend with environment, that's why I recommend starting with location. In general think warm, neutral, earthy, rich and vibrant. and when I say vibrant I am not saying NEONS.

NO TWO PEOPLE SHOULD WEAR THE EXACT SAME COLOR. Instead, choose colors that complement each other rather than match exactly. Including lots of neutrals will help prevent a color overload. 

The colors you chose will also affect the way my editing style reads on your images! Limit cool tones like certain blues and greens and avoid light grey at all costs..

This image wasn't taken by me but helps give an example of how I personally contrasted my families outdated picture haha




Textures and patterns help add movement, dimension, and visual interest to your images.

Examples of different textures include chunky sweaters/cardigans, long flown dresses, linens/gauze, velvet, fringe, corduroy, statement jewelry. (especially earrings, bracelets, or rings), etc. Mix and match a variety of textures both within each outfit and across your whole family.

Patterns are another great way to add more visual interest to your images, as a general rule one for every there people should be in a pattern. Go for medium sized patterns. Stripes and florals are my favorites! No buffalo plaid or super thin stripes/tiny patterns, please.


Besides adding even more depth and visual interest, adding layers to your wardrobe gives your images and immediate sense of coziness, cuddles, and warmth.

Cardigans and even blankets look great worn off the shoulder. Open work-shirts, jackets, overalls, and vests are especially great way to layer the men in the family

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Contrast is the styling principle that will keep you looking like one monochromatic blob.

Simply put, contrast says put each of your family members in different values so they stand out from each other.

Here's what it looks like: Let's pretend im shooting a couple and they both wear black. When I edit their pictures, their black clothes blend together making it hard to tell where one person ends and the other begins. but if she wore black and he wore white they'd have contrast and stand out from each other. (Though im not recommend black and white as outfit choice it helps explain the principle.)

So if mama wants to wear a dark dress, dad should bein a lighter shade and baby in a medium tone. Or if someone is dark on bottom and light on top, then whoever they're most likely to stand next to should be light on bottom and dark on top.


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